Based on forgotten folklore, “The Monsters We Forgot” is an anthology dedicated to the monsters, myths, urban legends, and eerie fairy tales no one has dared to share…until now.

Release date and author lineup coming soon!


The first in a series of terrifying anthologies showcasing horror in every state, “Horror USA: California” is all about the terrors, horrors, creeps, and shrieks unique to the Golden State. Release date and author lineup coming soon!


Euthain Kürowin doesn’t belong.

A high-born elf of extraordinary beauty, he has every advantage in his utopian enclave of gentle immortals. Unlike his kinfolk, Euthain constantly quells a raging storm of such violent impulses that even hunting – the most barbaric of sports in his peaceful society – barely satisfies him. Finally he accepts that the darkness in his heart is inescapable. He decides to exile himself in order to protect his empathetic, psychically-connected people from the rage and havoc within him.

But when a hideous, long-forgotten threat looms on the horizon, Euthain seems to have found his place. In a terrible twist of fate, he must decide whether that place is fighting for his people – or serving at the side of their greatest enemy.